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Napa Valley Eye Doctor

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Your child’s eyes and vision mean so much, and here at The Eye Works Optometry, you can be assured that our pediatric eye exams are thorough and designed not only to determine your child’s vision needs, but also to detect the presence of childhood eye disease and conditions in order to promote the best outcomes.

Our Napa Valley eye doctor will test your child’s vision using various common methods. Reading from an eye chart is key, but if your child is not yet old enough to read, we can substitute a game that is both fun and gives accurate results. Additional testing includes a refractive assessment, which leads to identifying the ideal prescription for eyeglasses that your child needs. If he or she requires corrected vision, our optical department is here to make it a simple matter to get the eyeglasses that will meet your child’s needs and preferences to a tee. Our Napa Valley eye doctor checks for pediatric vision challenges like amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), double vision, and droopy eyelids. Fortunately, they can all be remedied fairly simply when diagnosed in a timely manner. If you think that cataracts and glaucoma only occur in adults, it may surprise you to learn that it’s not unusual for kids to get these eye diseases. And just as with adults, there are no early warning symptoms until the advanced stages. That’s the best reason to have your child examined regularly.

How often should you bring your child to our office? In most cases, once every other year is sufficient, though if there is reason to do so more often, our Napa Valley eye doctor will discuss it with you. Contact us to arrange a visit. We make it easy. You can use our handy “schedule an appointment” tab at the top of our website. And with Saturday hours, our commitment to your convenience is complete.

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