Napa Valley Emergency Eye Care

Napa Valley Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency Eye Care in Napa Valley

You can depend on us at The Eye Works Optometry for routine care, such as yearly comprehensive eye exams, but also when you have an urgent situation. Don’t let threats to your eyes or your vision go unaddressed or put them off. Our Napa Valley emergency eye care is available when you need it.

You may find yourself undecided if what you’re experiencing counts as being an emergency. Well, we urge you to lean toward being cautious. Or simply contact our office and we will offer you guidance and advice. It is certainly better, though, to come in and find out that the circumstances aren’t as alarming as you thought than to wait it out and realize later that you could have gotten successful treatment if you had acted in a timely manner. Some of the symptoms that you might notice that would bring you to our Napa Valley emergency eye care are eye pain, discharge (any color), red eyes, signs of possible inflammation or infection, floaters (spots in your field of vision), and vision loss of any amount. Furthermore, any chemical contamination or a particle or object stuck in your eye should be cause for immediately care. When you come in, our eye doctor will perform an examination and conduct any applicable tests. This is followed by a prompt evaluation and implementation of treatment. There is no doubt that time plays a big role in the eventual outcome. If possible, do call our Napa Valley emergency eye care in advance to let us know you are on your way. Alternatively, you can have someone else call for you.

It’s a good idea to keep our number programmed in all of your phones so that it’s available on a moment’s notice. Use it to reach out to us for any urgent eye care need.

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