Contact lens fitting in Napa Valley

Contact Lens Fitting in Napa Valley

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Contact lens exams and fittings in Napa Valley

Contact lens fitting in Napa Valley
Contact lens fitting in Napa Valley

If you choose to wear contact lenses, you obviously appreciate their benefits. And at The Eye Works Optometry, we want you to have the best possible experience with them, which is why we provide contact lens exams and our contact lens fitting in Napa Valley.

Some of the plusses that go along with contacts are getting a more natural type of vision, and having your full range of peripheral or side-to-side vision. You will also be able to wear them without anyone else knowing since your facial appearance stays the same. Of course, everyone should have a complete eye exam every year, and that is true whether you eventually end up wearing eyeglasses or contacts. But where a contact lens exam differs is that it goes beyond the checkup you would ordinarily get. Contacts touch your eyes, which is something that glasses don’t do. The three affected parts are the cornea, conjunctiva, and the eyelids. By being proactive, our eye doctor can stop preventable complications. In some cases, you may end up better off choosing glasses instead. In other instances, it is possible to remedy a potential issue that would otherwise keep you from wearing contacts. Our contact lens fitting in Napa Valley is another key component of our commitment to your satisfaction and comfort. We want you to be able to feel at ease when you put your lenses in your eyes. A fitting will determine if you are better suited to soft or gas-permeable contacts, for example. Also you will find that by centering them ideally, you will get the most out of them in terms of vision correction.

While you’re thinking of it, reach out to our office right now and schedule a visit to have our contact lens exam and contact lens fitting in Napa Valley.

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